Connecting Nox with Android Studio

More info here:

However If You created emulator from nox multiplayer (You can create android 5.1), make sure You have created shortcut to this device and runned by this shortcut.

The rest info related with enabling usb debug and setting to be executed with root permissions is the same.

Gradlew – how speed up building (green run)

This is my solution how to speed up building gradle processes without running it in console.

There are two steps:

1. adding option to run parallel and offline

2. don’t allow download new versions using libs (especially when you build few times per minute – it is not necessary to check every time).

So first go to Android Studio settings page, and then to:

Build, Execution, Deplyoment > Build Tools > Compiler

and paste into

Command-line Options


--parallel --offline

Zrzut ekranu 2015-09-21 09.42.48

Next step, go to:

Build, Execution, Deplyoment > Build Tools > Gradle

and check <pre>aaa</pre>

Offline work

Zrzut ekranu 2015-09-21 09.46.43

Difference will beĀ  noticeable.

Ignoring some logs in Logcat filter – Android Studio – solution

Here is a little help to remove from our logcat some logs we don’t want like: dalvikvm or OpenGL
All what you need is to click in top right corner of logcat, select our package name and click Edit Filter Configuration


Then in the field called Log Tag regex You need insert this
^((?!(?:dalvikvm|OpenGLRenderer)).)*$ which means you don’t want any log which contains dalvivm or OpenGLRenderer. If You want add another word to ignore list just insert inside of regex


For example: