Clearing items in MultiSelectListPreference – solution

Hi, today I was working on MultiSelectListPreference in PreferenceFragment screen. I was going to have multi select list where user would be able select items. Each selected item would be describing specific shortcut from my app to OP desktop.
After about half an hour I found out how to restore MultiSelectListPreference with all default items.

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Android NavigationDrawer not handling setOnItemClickListener- nothing happens – solution

During my graduation work I had to use navigation drawer for menu list. What is more, I also needed pull to refresh layout. Both items are very sensitive and its order matters where to put them. You might be in situation where you think which one should be in which one. So during rebuilding layout with that two items first I moved pull to refresh layout up, to be a root layout. This showed me unpredictable result.
I was able swipe down to refresh even when I had already opened drawer…

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Pretty nice decimal format for polish currencies

Here is the simple sample code which converts pretty nice for example polish currencies to float and from float to polish format.
These are the spoiler results:
[java]DecimalUtil.getInstance().parse(“1 123,44) -> 1123.44[/java]
[java]DecimalUtil.getInstance().format(1123.44) -> 1 123,44[/java]

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Graduation Work – Project Państwa Miasta 206 days left

My graduation work is a project called Państwa Miasta as a big base with words for specific categories.

Name Państwa Miasta is from the paper game, very popular in many youth. One player says one letter from alphabet. In example L and the rest of the playing players (having on their papers columns with names: cities, countries, flowers, cars..) is trying get one word per column starting with that letter.

My project is about android app where user will be able preview big list of categories. When he enters in any of them, he will see from A to Z words connected with that category.
I decided to make this project because I have created first version of panstwa miasta app before. It wasn’t so flexible to manage it from other place like php/server.

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