Gradlew – how speed up building (green run)

This is my solution how to speed up building gradle processes without running it in console.

There are two steps:

1. adding option to run parallel and offline

2. don’t allow download new versions using libs (especially when you build few times per minute – it is not necessary to check every time).

So first go to Android Studio settings page, and then to:

Build, Execution, Deplyoment > Build Tools > Compiler

and paste into

Command-line Options


--parallel --offline

Zrzut ekranu 2015-09-21 09.42.48

Next step, go to:

Build, Execution, Deplyoment > Build Tools > Gradle

and check <pre>aaa</pre>

Offline work

Zrzut ekranu 2015-09-21 09.46.43

Difference will beĀ  noticeable.