Raspberry Pi – what Raspberry Pi I have?

All You need is to call in terminal this:

grep Revision /proc/cpuinfo

After You get something like this:

Revision : a22082

Go to page https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/revision-codes/README.md

and search it in text.

Below is a list of information dated as of 08/02/2019 :

900021A+1.1512 MBSony UK
900032B+1.2512 MBSony UK
900092Zero1.2512 MBSony UK
900093Zero1.3512 MBSony UK
9000c1Zero W1.1512 MBSony UK
9020e03A+1.0512 MBSony UK
920092Zero1.2512 MBEmbest
920093Zero1.3512 MBEmbest
a010402B1.01 GBSony UK
a010412B1.11 GBSony UK
a020823B1.21 GBSony UK
a020a0CM31.01 GBSony UK
a020d33B+1.31 GBSony UK
a210412B1.11 GBEmbest
a220422B (with BCM2837)1.21 GBEmbest
a220823B1.21 GBEmbest
a220a0CM31.01 GBEmbest
a320823B1.21 GBSony Japan
a520823B1.21 GBStadium
a02100CM3+1.01 GBSony UK